• How many MSA chapters are there in the US and Canada?
    Nearly 600There has been a widespread increase in the establishment of new MSA chapters both at the community college level and at four year institutions, in addition, defunct chapters have been re-activated. Again, we have anecdotal evidence only but the trend is definitely towards having an organization on campus that addresses Muslim students’ spiritual, social and academic needs. ( read more here: Kế Toán Nên Học Ngoại Ngữ Gì
  • How many MSA chapters are currently affiliated?
    Roughly 150. This number fluctuates because students are not consistent with paying their annual dues for their chapters, but our national campaigns have had participation from over 120 campuses.
  • How many individuals are part of each MSA chapter?
    Individual membership varies by chapter, as does degree of participation. Chapter size varies from 4 individuals to 400, with an average of 50 individuals per campus.GROWTH OF MSA NATIONAL
  • How many MSAs were there 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 2005?
    1994: 400 – 450 chapters
    2000: about 500 chapters
    2005: about 600 chaptersWe start to see the second generation of Muslim Americans coming to campuses starting in the mid-90s which explains the increase in the number of new chapters established and the number of chapters re-activated.
  • How many chapters were affiliated with MSA National 5 or 10 years ago?
    1994: not more than 75 chapters
    2000: 120 chapters
    2005: 150 chaptersRevival among the youth, greater identification with Islam as their religion, and so, more chapters established and even the national organization undergoes renewal and revival so that we can claim almost 150 affiliated chapters.